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Seriously, this article shows you step by step how you can LEGALLY KILL someone and there is nothing they can do to you.

Though the article only shows people getting "injured" i venture to say that all you needed to do is slightly modify your actions and if done correctly you can kill a person and make it look like an accident, and it will all be completely "legal" to the letter of the law. 


This is awesome, all you have to do to "legally" kill someone is figure out when they are on a bicycle, and you are set.

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Of course J-HO as a lawyer you realize you just ruined your chances of utilizing this info with this post. peace

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NO way TDK, if anything this posting shows how you can legally use the laws that are written to your advantage.   You can always "mistakenly" hit someone on a bike.  Afterall it isn't murder if you did it by "mistake" and until they have the thought police they can't get in your head to say it wasn't.  Ain't that cool?.. I thought it was.

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and this is the way to solve the econmy problems.


just attempt to kill yourself if your house is in foreclosure the bank will then forgive the amount of money you owe.

This is awesome, the solution to the current economic crisis is people have to attempt suicide more. 
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J-HO  I'm, no lawyer, but I believe killing someone by mistake is called manslaughter.. peace

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TDK you are correct.  But then again you usually have to prove that someone is being reckless or negligent.  If you can prove that is "an honest mistake" then you may not be even able to get that.  Afterall sometimes bad things "happen" and "nobody did anything wrong".  The issue is what you can "prove".

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Thnx bro.. I totally understand what you are saying.  As all I need to reference on what you can be proven: i.e. O.J. What's your cell number and where in LA do you live? send it to me at ironbob98@hotmail.com  

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TDK, no worries. It truly is a shame that some motor vehicle laws are interpretted and sometimes enforced in ways that give one a feeling that bicyclists are 2nd class citizens that should not be on the roads.
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in other words. Stay safe riding out there folks and be diligent all the time for your own safety and the safety of others, ride "like you are invisible". You might have the "right of way" legally and "in a common sense way" on the roads but you can't win against a 4000lb car. Ride safe.
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some days you're the windsheild other days you're teh bug..........

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don't be such a smartass, some day your kid may be that Bug.
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If anyone needs to contact me I will be in Nevada for next 9 or so yrs.

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OJ got railroaded by the system and "the man"  you can kill someone and not get 9 years in jail.

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It's too bad I have to do time. I was still looking for the "real" killers. You can catch me at the 18th hole on the Lake Meade Classic High security CC.

It is true what they say: "what goes to Vegas never leaves Vegas", for at least 9 yrs that is.
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Does anybody know where my Heisman Trophy is? Maybe i should make a few calls. On second thought myabe not.

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